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About Pancreatic tumors

Nicholls 1902 Described the first pancreatic islet cell tumor (Insulinoma)
Banting & Best 1921 Discovered Insulin
Mayo WJ 1926 Successful removal of Insulinoma
Roscoe Graham 1929 Successful removal of Insulinoma
Allen Whipple 1935 Whipples triad
Becker 1942 Glucogonoma
Zollinger Ellision Syndrome 1954 Zollinger & Ellision
Verner & Morrision 1958 VIPoma
Larsson & Ganda 1977 Somatostatinoma

Commonly occurring endocrine pancreatic diseases:

Incidence is 0.4-1 per 100,000, In autopsy series, the incidence is 0-10 %, In surgical series the incidence is up to 15 % of pancreatic neoplasm. Mostly occur > 3rd decade

Insulinoma: Common symptoms are frequent attacks of low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia). This results in loss of consciousness, convulsions, headaches and palpitations in the fasting state and relieved on taking food. Patients gain weight due to overeating to avoid hypoglycemia.

Gastrinoma: The symptoms are of Suggestive of Acid peptic disease, Gastroesophageal reflux, Steatorrhea, diarrhea. Patients having Refractory, multiple, recurrent & giant ulcers (>2cm), Ulcer with diarrhea/hypercalcemia should be investigated to rule out Gastrinoma.

VIP oma: The usual symptoms are watery diarrhea (Usually > 3 L/day), hypokalemia (Low levels of potassium), hypercalcemia, hyperglycemia etc.

Glugagonoma: Skin rashes, Diabetes Mellitus, thrombophlebitis, weight loss is characteristic features.

Somatostatinoma: Presents with diarrhea, Steatorrhea, gallstones and diabetes mellitus.

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